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Felix Chevrolet Iconic Dealership Landmark Hoodie

Felix Chevrolet Iconic Dealership Landmark Hoodie

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Felix Chevrolet Landmark Sign Hoodie. This hoodie is a exact copy of our World Famous Sign that has been on our roof since 1958. Its history. 

Enjoy our selection of hoodies! This hoodie is stylish, warm and comfortable. 

Felix Chevrolet Landmark Sign Hoodie, the same sign that some would say, behind the Hollywood Sign is the 2nd most famous sign in Los Angeles, with world wide appeal and adoration since the late 1950's. Designed by Wayne Heath, who also designed Winchell Donuts 1st sign, Denny's, Ralph's Market, Burger King and two legendary casino's, The Flamingo in Las Vegas and the Standing Cowboy in Reno at Circus Circus.

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